Becky Mercer
General Information






March 10th


Ted Mercer (father)
Kristen Mercer (mother)
Laurel Mercer (younger sister)
Emma Paxton (daughter)
Sutton Mercer (daughter)
Unnamed 12-year-old daughter
Series Information


The twins' father's identity
Is Ted and Kristen's daughter and Laurel's sister (Exposed)
Gave Sutton up but kept Emma


Alive (Cross My Heart, Hope to Die)
This article centers around Becky. You may be looking for Annie Rebecca Sewell .

Becky Mercer is Ted and Kristen Mercer's daughter, Laurel's sister and Sutton and Emma's biological mother. She is 35 years old.

She gave up Sutton but kept Emma. While Emma was growing up, Becky would accidentally leave her stranded in some places -- until one day she left Emma at her friend's house and just vanished. We find out in the fifth book that she indeed knows who Emma is and knows that she isn't Sutton.

Hide and Seek

It's revealed that Ted and Kristen are Becky's parents. They had her when they were very young, and Becky had Emma and Sutton when she was very young as well. She is also Laurel's older sister. Becky reappears at the end as she parks her car in a driveway as Emma sees her.

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die

Becky returns and finds Emma, who thinks she might know something about Sutton's death since she was there and fled. But it turns out that Sutton knew about Emma the night she died because Becky told her..