Ben Whitehorse
General Information





Marital Status:





Ethan's Mother (ex-wife)
Dan Whitehorse (Son)
Ethan Whitehorse (Son)
Series Information



First appearance:

Reservation for Two

Last appearance:

Not Guilty As Charged

Portrayed By:

Gil Birmingham

Ben Whitehorse is the father of Dan and Ethan. His wife left him while Ethan was in a juvenile detention center- Ben blamed Ethan and kicked him and Dan out of the house. After 4 years of being apart Ethan comes home with Sutton.

Ben is a member of the Whitehorse Family.

Season One

After Ben lets Sutton and Ethan stay he makes them do the chores. When questioned by the Reservation Police about the whereabouts of his son, he tells them he hasn't seen or heard from him in 4 years. After the police leave, Ben tells Ethan he wants him gone by the end of the week.

Sutton tries to make things right between Ben and Ethan but it doesnt work the first time. Ben and Ethan manage to forgive eachother after sometime. After Ethan is taken away by police, Ben tells Sutton to tell Ethan to come back to the ranch, and to stay if he likes.  It's unclear how the police were able to locate Ethan.

Season 2

He may appear in season 2.


Season One


  • The writers were in talks of bringing Ben back in Season Two but trashed the idea. Although it's a posibility for him in the second half of Season Two if and when it gets the ok.

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