The Black & White Ball is an annual event held at the Chelsea Creek Country Club that serves the younger club-goers as a type of "initiation as full-fledged junior members of the club".


  • Several important events take place at the Black & White Ball:
    • Having been seen with her scarred forehead, Sutton resumes her own life from Emma- this is the first even she fully attends as herself.
    • Sutton and Ethan attend the ball together to keep up appearances. However, Sutton angers Ethan and he ends the night early.
    • Rebecca and Alec attend the ball together, on a date.
    • Justin and Laurel make steps toward reconciliation.
    • Sutton makes advances toward Mads' date, Ryan. (It is also revealed that Sutton lost her virginity to Ryan in 9th grade.)
    • Sutton overhears that Annie Hobbs has been found, and is being held at Phoenix Presbyterian Hospital.


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