Mads and Thayer's mom
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Alec Rybak (ex-husband)
Madeline Rybak (daughter)
Thayer Rybak (son)
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Caroline Rybak is the ex-wife of Alec Rybak, and the mother of Thayer Rybak and Madeline Rybak.

Caroline is a former member of the Rybak Family.

Early life

Caroline met her husband in high school. They fell in love and married after they graduated.

Season One

Alec mentions that Caroline was the love of his life since they had dated in high school, and that when she had left it broke his heart. No one knows where she is, but she has been mentioned by Mads and Thayer and even Rebecca who was suprised to hear she'd left.

Season Two

It's revealed in Cheat, Play, Love, that before Alec, Caroline was with a man named Graham, Thayer's biological father. However, she left Graham for Alec when Thayer was just a baby, and together she and Alec had Mads. Years later, when Thayer was 12, Graham returned to their lives and She left Alec for him - Thayer was given the choice to join them or remain in Scottsdale, and chose Scottsdale. It's unknown whether Caroline or Graham have been heard from since.


  • Caroline and Ethan's Mother both left their husbands and abandoned their kids.
  • She left Alec for Thayer's biological father, Graham.

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