Chamberlin Family

The Chamberlin Family was a main family on The Lying Game. They're a fairly wealthy family, with a large house and a country club membership.


Family Members

  • Phyllis Chamberlin is very demanding of her daughter, feeling she knows best how her daughter's life should go. She is also an alcoholic that has been in rehab several times, and only checked herself out after a few days. (Until, that is, Rebecca convinced Alec Rybak to committ Phyllis to a mandatory sentence in rehab.)
  • Charlotte Chamberlin is Phyliss' only child, frequently taking care of and looking after her mother during Phyliss' drinking binges, and trying to live up to Phyliss' expectations the rest of the time.


  • Charlotte Chamberlin's Father and Phyllis Chamberlain, though still technically married have long since been separated. Mr. Chamberlin has been described as 'kind of an awful man', though he apparently apologized to Char upon her moving in with him, and offered to buy her a pony to make up for it.
  • Annie 'Rebecca' Sewell is Phyllis' sister, and Char's aunt.
    • Rebecca's recent marriage would mean Alec Rybak was a brother-in-law to Phyliss and an uncle to Char, while Mads and Thayer would be Phyllis' niece and nephew, and Char's cousins.
    • Unbeknownst to the family, this would also make Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker Phyllis' nieces, and Char's cousins.

Family Tree

Mr. Sewell
Mrs. Sewell
Annie Rebecca Sewell
Phyllis Chamberlin
Charlotte Chamberlin's Father
Sutton Mercer
Emma Becker
Charlotte Chamberlin


  • The Chamberlin family has been split for many years- with Mr. Chamberlin living his life elsewhere, while Char and Phyllis stay in Scottsdale. Now, however, Phyllis is away in rehab while Char stays with her father.


In the books, the Chamberlin Family is known as the Chamberlain family- Charlotte Chamberlain, Mr. Chamberlain, and Mrs. Chamberlain. While on the show, Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlin are still married but have been separated for some time, in the books they are still married and living together, but the relationship is failing and Mr. Chamberlain is cheating.


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