Chamberlin House
Scottsdale, AZ

The Chamberlin House is a home in Scottsdale, Arizona that has been home to the Chamberlin Family, and more recently, to Annie Rebecca Sewell, members of the Rybak Family and Jordan Lyle.


  • Several important events have taken place at the Chamberlin House:
    • Derek snooped for information for Alec.
    • Emma recognized Annie in a photo with Phyllis that was hanging on the wall.
    • Ethan and Sutton sneak into and search the house, and discover an incriminating of Alec holding the murder weapon from the night of Derek's death.
    • Rebecca and Alec's wedding is held in the backyard- at which Alec is arrested, and it is revealed that Sutton is aware that Rebecca is her birth mother.
    • Rebecca and Sutton rendezvous and scheme together.
    • Jordan tries to flee from Rebecca's control, but doesn't.  It's here we find out he did something terrible in L.A.
    • Jordan discovers Rebecca hiding something in a box and then watches her lock the box in a file cabinet. 
    • The potential killer was found running out of the house while knocking over Mads and running from Jordan.
    • After getting a warrant from Alec, Rebecca receives a call to pack a bag and leave home.  She leaves just in time for Dan and his co-workers to bust in to arrest her, but she is already gone when the get there.


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