Charlotte Chamberlain
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Mr. Chamberlain (Father)
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Garrett (Ex-Boyfriend)


Sutton Mercer
Madeline Vega
Laurel Mercer


Devious 4 (Hide and Seek)
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Shopping, Playing pranks


Hollier High


Lying Games
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The Lying Game

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Seven Minutes In Heaven
This article centers around Charlotte Chamberlain. You may be looking for Charlotte Chamberlin .

Charlotte is one of Sutton's best friends. She used to date Garrett but he dumped her for Sutton.


Charlotte is considered the loud one in the group, most controlling. It said in book one, that she lives in a "hidden estate", which means she is a mean rich girl, not that mean, like Sutton. She is fierce.

Physical appearance

It said most of the time that she has wavy Red hair and "Pretty Green" eyes, with her broad shoulders. She is the shortest in the group and is slightly overweight which makes her very self-conscious about it.

The Lying Game Novels

Charlotte is known as Sutton (Emma's) best friend. It said plenty of times she is trying to be Sutton and be friends with her at the same time, that is what Ethan Landry said at least. In the past, she dated Sutton's, now ex, boyfriend, Garrett Austin. He dumped Charlotte for Sutton. It is said by Garrett that he and Charlotte tried being in a relationship together, but they didn't feel sparks. When Emma first meets Charlotte, she seems the most controlling of the group.... but not as controlling as Sutton. She is a rich girl- said in book one.

Charlotte and Madeline Vega have been closer since the night of August 31st, when Sutton died. Because Madeline told Charlotte that her father had been abusing her and her brother, Thayer. Charlotte is once blamed for killing Sutton, secretly. She had a motives; 1. Sutton stole Garrett away from her; 2. Charlotte had broad shoulders and when the killer strangled Emma, it had broad shoulder. Whenever there is a fight between the girls in the group, she backs down.

In Sutton's flashbacks, Charlotte is in most of them. She, along with Madeline Vega, Laurel Mercer, and Lilianna Fiorello, were threatened not to tell what happened one night. Sutton had pulled a prank on the girls, but Gabriella Fiorello got a seizure. Whenever Emma mentioned it, she would get an attitude and roll her eyes.

The Lying Game (TV)


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