Charlotte Chamberlin's Father
General Information




Business man


Phyllis Chamberlin (wife)
Charlotte Chamberlin (daughter)
Rebecca Sewell (sister-in-law
Emma Becker (niece)
Sutton Mercer (niece)
This article centers around Charlotte Chamberlin's Father. You may be looking for Mr. Chamberlain .

He is the husband of Phyllis Chamberlin, the father of Charlotte Chamberlin, the brother-in-law of Annie Rebecca Sewell, and a businessman

He is a member of the Chamberlin Family and at the end of the first season he has custody of Char on Florida. 

Season One

Char's dad is never shown because he's always away on business. He is mentioned many times by Char. After Phyllis gets sent away until she admits she needs rehab Char goes to stay with him. Where he apologize for not being there for her and he offord to buy her a real pony. He lives in Florida with Char now while Phyllis is locked up in Rehab (arranged by Rebecca and Alec).

Season Two

He was only mentioned.