Chelsea Creek Country Club
Scottsdale, AZ


The Chelsea Creek Country Club offers a variety of social and athletic recreation, including a golf course and tennis courts, for its members.




The club hosts a number of functions and events, including:


  • Ted Mercer pulled some strings to get Justin Miller a room above the club in exchange for working a few shifts.
  • During the engagement dinner for Rebecca and Alec, Kristen found about the affair once and for all.
  • Ted Mercer himself stays at the club due to being kicked out of the Mercer home by Kristin.
  • Upon returning to Scottsdale, rather than move in with his family in the Chamberlin House, Thayer Rybak chooses to take a room at the Club.
  • Ted reveals to Rebecca that he knows about Sutton being their daughter.
  • While Ted knew earlier in the day that he has twin daughters, Rebecca tells Ted about Emma here for the first time ever.
  • Theresa's cell phone was found here.
  • Theresa's body was discovered at the community pool.
  • Dan suspects that one of the people there the night Theresa is found is responsible for her murder (Rebecca, Alec, Emma (as Sutton), Laurel, Thayer (ironically), Ted, and Ethan is there but Dan knows better than to suspect him.
  • Thayer hides the weapon used to kill Theresa in his room here.  He then used it to completely trash room.


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