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Clarice is Emma's foster mom 

Season 1

Emma lived with Clarice before she ran away to find her sister. It was a bad home for Emma because Clarice's birth son Travis sexually, mentally, and physically abused her and Clarice did nothing. Emma tried to speak up when Travis framed her for theft, but Clarice never listened. Travis is honest in Clarice's eyes and Emma is a theiving liar. 

We see Clarice a second time after Sutton is released from juvi for charges that Clarice lodged against Emma when she ran away. Clarice verbally attacks Sutton for her foster license being taken away becuase she survived on this money. 

Clarice's son Travis knows Emma had a twin, so its unclear if Clarice knows this too.  Depending on if she knew this or not, she did meet Sutton (as Emma).

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