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Dr. Hughes is the doctor at Dowinger Clinic were Annie Hobbs lived untill she ran away. She was told by Alec Rybak to keep Sutton away from Annie, as Alec didn't want Sutton to see Annie for reasons.

Season One

Dr. Hughes knows Alec, who continues to oversea Annie Hobb's case. Alec calls Dr Hughes to insure that Sutton does not meet Annie. Dr. Hughes has the mental hospital tell Sutton there is no Annie Hobbs. Sutton breaks in and does find Annie Hobb's. Sutton is caught and Dr. Hughes locks her in a room. Alec's demands that Dr Hughes to keep Sutton there.  

Dr. Hughes calls the number Sutton say is her parents number. Laurel answers and puts Emma on the phone, as Sutton. Dr. Hughes tells Sutton that she called the number and the Real Sutton answered. Suttons freaks out trying to prove her identity. Dr. Hughes decided that Sutton is really Emma and sends her to back to the Juvenile Detention Center in Pheonix.

Annie Hobb's leaves the clinic to find Emma, but its unclear if this is was permitted legally. Alec reports that Annie suffered a breakdown after her baby died in a fire. Annie Hobb's reports that her twins died in child birth and she adopted Emma who she thought died in a fire, until Sutton visited, and Alec is dangerous. Dr. Hughes might know the whole story or only half. If she knows Annie Hobb's adopted child survived, she might think Sutton is the renamed child. Dr Hughes does not seem to know twins exist because otherwise she ould not have sent Sutton to juvi for Emma's stuff - at least we hope.

There is also a scene where Annie Rebecca Sewell is in the mental hospital. Its unknown where Dr. Hughes also oversaw her commitment or whether all patients interact on the floor.