Eduardo Diaz
General Information





Hair Color:


Marital Status:



Choreographer, Dance Instructor at Diaz Dance Conservatory


Alicia Diaz (Mother)


Madeline Rybak (Ex-Girlfriend)


Alec Rybak
Series Information




Series Information


Had Relationship with Madeline Rybak

Oveheard Alec's conversation about Sutton



First appearance:

Being Sutton

Last appearance:

Escape from Sutton Island

Portrayed By:

Rick Malambri

Eduardo Diaz is a former choreographer at Scottsdale's local dance studio, owned and run by his mother, Alicia Diaz. A talented dancer himself, he sometimes gave private lessons- particularly to skilled dancers like Mads Ryback.

Season One

Over time, Mads and Eduardo grew feelings for one another, and after sharing a heated moment and exchanging a kiss, Mads attempted to seduce him, though he refused because of her age. When Mads missed her next lessons, Eduardo was concerned and went to her house to check on her, though Mads made him hide so her father, Alec, wouldn't get suspicious that her ballet coach was in her home. During this, Eduardo overheard a conversation Alec had about Annie Hobbs. When Alec learned of the rumor about his daughter and Eduardo, and that Eduardo had been in their home, he paid Eduardo off to get out of town. Mads confronted him while he was packing to head back to Chicago and he revealed he did return her feelings, and that though he had to leave, it wasn't because of her. However, he hardly made it out of Phoenix before he got into a terrible car accident, hospitalizing him. While in the hospital, he tried to reveal what he knew to Sutton (though it was actually Emma posing as Sutton) but the nurses shooed her out when his heart monitor went off. Alec showed up in his room, insisting again that Eduardo leave town and never share what he knew.

Later, Eduardo succumbs to convulsions and mysteriously falls into a coma, and at the request of his mother he was moved to a new hospital, where his location would be kept confidential, much to Mads' grief.



  • Photo of Eduardo on Mads' phone.
  • Photo of Eduardo on Mads' phone.
  • Photo of Eduardo on Mads' phone.
  • Photo of Eduardo on Mads' phone.

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