Season Two

In The Revengers, Emma and Laurel go to Alec's court date with Mads and Thayer. Emma follows Mads into the bathroom and tells Mads, she's planning on confronting Alec. Sutton is hidding in the court bathroom and Emma gets nervous because Rebecca walks in and its dangerous is they want to stay under cover. Alec gives her a wink that he is in the know and Thayer says he is dangerous even behind bars.

Emma confronts Alec and tries to find answers, we think she is starting to doubt whether he killed Derek. Alec tells her not to trust Sutton but holds his cards making her nervous. Thayer again tells her not to trust him, but Alec gets that best of Thayer, Emma, and Mads when he talks to them from jail - splitting all allegiances.

Emma is trying to get over Ethan, even though she has feelings for him, she's dating Thayer. Ethan is still in love with Emma and not seeing anyone. Sutton makes it clear that she wants to date Ethan since Emma is seeing Thayer, even though she knows Emma is still has feelings for him. Sutton slowly feeds Ethan information that Emma is over him and she is the one to trust and care for him now. Thayer is clear that he is falling for Emma and Emma says she feels he is the only person she can trust.

In Cheat, Play, Love, Emma gives Sutton her blessing to be with Ethan. She convinces Ted that he and Kristin can see a marriage counselor to work out there problems. She makes is clear that Thayer is the only person who has been true to her and then returns to a upset Thayer who has just been mentally abused by Mads who told him that he and Alec fight all the time because Alec is not his biological dad. Emma kisses Thayer making her relationship with him official.

In Advantage Sutton, Sutton challenges Emma to a game of tennis and whoever wins gets to stay at the Mercer house while the loser stays at the cabin and can't leave. But learning that Alec being released from jail causes Thayer to flee back to L.A. Emma forfeits losing to Sutton. Emma says goodbye to Thayer and ends up having to stay at the cabin.

In A Kiss Before Lying, After having to leave the cabin, Emma is told by the motel clerk from Range Creek, that Sutton was with two woman the night her car went into the lake, not one woman. After hearing Laurel's advice she goes to L.A. to be with Thayer.

In Much Ado About Everything, Emma and Thayer do there own investigating on her birth mother, Emma and Thayer discover that Rebecca is her birth mother, and realize Sutton knows about it. They head back to Scottsdale and decide to tell Laurel the truth, and plot against Rebecca and Sutton.

After confessing the truth to Laurel, Emma, Thayer, Laurel, and Ethan plan to switch Sutton and Emma so she can get to Rebecca. But Emma discovers Ted could have killed Derek, and loses her virginity to Thayer.

After sleeping with Thayer, Emma regrets it and confesses that she's still thinking about Ethan.

In "The Grave Truth," Ted finds out about Emma and that she is his other daughter with Rebecca. They decide to trick Rebecca because Ted is the only one she trusts.

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