Father Daughter Dance
Chelsea Creek Country Club
Scottsdale, Arizona
November 2011
Annual Club Function

The Father Daughter Dance is an annual function held by the Chelsea Creek Country Club. The dance is a particular tradition of father daughter pair Ted Mercer and Sutton Mercer.


  • Several important things occured at the 2011 Father Daughter Dance:
    • Ethan Whitehorse must help Emma Becker prepare so as not to cast suspicion that she is not the real Sutton Mercer.
    • Alec Rybak notes the price tag on his daughter, Mads', new dress, realizing she is saving it to send the money to Thayer.
    • Alec drinks too much, getting angry and accusing Sutton of having something to do with Thayer's relocation to Los Angeles. In the process, he gets involved in a physical altercation with Ethan Whitehorse- he does not, however, end up pressing charges.


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