Foreclosed House
(formerly) Justin Miller
Norton Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Foreclosed House was Justin Miller's home when he first arrived in Scottsdale. Having no parents, no money, and having run from the foster care system he camped out in the house, providing the address of a nearby house to the school to cover any suspicion. However, suspicion arises anyway when Laurel Mercer tries to make a surprise visit to Justin's and finds herself at the wrong house. Justin may have found a way to keep his secret if it hadn't been for Emma Becker (posing as Sutton Mercer),who, having experience with the foster care system herself, suggests the possibility to Laurel Mercer that he may be in an unlucky situation. Taking "Sutton's" advice, Laurel scours the neighborhood, noting Justin's car parked outside the foreclosure, and discovering he and this things inside.

Later, Ted and Kristin Mercer track Laurel to Justin's by way of her cell phone, and his secret is outed. Begged by Laurel not to report Justin to the authorities, instead, Ted pulls some strings and arranges for Justin to stay at the club.


  • It is in the foreclosed house, with Justin, that Laurel loses her virginity.
  • Justin was using the nearby home at 11805 Norton Dr. as his mailing address to avoid suspicion.
  • While looking for Justin at the above adress she realizes Justin lives in the foreclosed house when she sees his vehicle parked outside.


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