House in Fillmore
* formerly Annie Hobbs
Fillmore, California

The house in Fillmore was a crucial clue in Sutton and Emma's search for their birth mother.

After Thayer and Sutton traced the house's location to Fillmore, CA from a photograph of Annie Hobbs and a baby Emma, Ethan and Emma were able to narrow the search when they discovered that Emma had been trapped in a fire as a child. Touring the house together via Sutton's cell phone, Emma recognized features of the house, and told Sutton she should be looking for some kind of stars. Sutton, with Thayer's help, soon found those stars- a painting on the ceiling, signed by the artist, Annie Hobbs, whom the girls believed to be their birth mother.


  • Touring the ruins of the house was be the first time the girls came across Annie Hobbs' name.


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