====== I'm sure I'm not the only one that still wants to see how the TV version of The Lying Game continues, as it seemed to be completely different to the books.

Now is the time to do something as Netflix has the rights and Pretty Little Liars only has a couple of years maximum left so they will be wanting something too fill that viewer-ship and we need to show them this could be it.


Get Netflix to create and produce another series or a few episodes to test the demand for the show.


If you have access to Netflix, follow the navigation below

Home Page (Scroll to the bottom) > Help Centre> Start Live Chat

The chat wait seems to be normally less than 5 minutes so it's worth it! Just say you heard a while ago that Netflix bought the rights for The Lying Game and you were wondering if any plans had been made to create new episode or if it is a possibility that they would be in the future, when I did this they said they would take note of the interest.

If you have twitter tweet with:

  1. NetflixNeedsTheLyingGame @Netflix @NetflixBrasil @NetflixUK @Netflixhelps

(These are the top 4 accounts on Twitter for Netflix)

Or Click Here! All you need to do is click post! (If link isn't working the URL will be at the bottom of this page) Searching on twitter for 'The Lying Game' shows that there is still an interest in the show and everyone just needs to come together to make an impact! Copy and paste this link to have the tweet made for you!!+%23NetflixNeedsTheLyingGame+@Netflix+@NetflixBrasil+@NetflixUK+@Netflixhelps

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