Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center is where Sutton Mercer- believed at the time to be Emma Becker, wanted for theft, assault, and truancy- was sent from the Dowinger Clinic.

Furious at her situation, Sutton tried to reveal the truth- that she was in fact, Sutton Mercer from Arizona, who had switched places with her long-lost twin sister, but to no avail. While at the juvenile center, Sutton's anger with Emma grew, and she even wrote a letter to her parents, Ted and Kristin Mercer, revealing Emma as a fraud and insisting she feared the lengths Emma would go to to keep her life. Luckily for Sutton, an anonymous source posted her bail and she was able to leave the center.

Little did Sutton know, Alec Rybak was actually present at the center. Possibly the one to post her bail, he waited outside, and was surprised when Sutton got into an unidentified car (with Emma's best friend, Lexi Samuel) and rode away upon leaving the center.


  • Sutton, as Emma, was incarcerated on November 6, 2011. [1]


  • Sutton's belongings.
  • Sutton, believed to be Emma Becker, with her case worker.
  • Sutton, believed to be Emma, making her one phone call.


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