Madeline Vega
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Hair Color:

dark brown

Eye Color:


Marital Status:



Mr. Vega (Father)

Thayer Vega (Brother)


Sutton Mercer,
Charlotte Chamberlain,
Gabriella and Lilianna Fiorello


Devious 4 (Hide and Seek)
Series Information


Hollier High


playing the Lying Games
Series Information


abused by her father Mr. Vega



First appearance:

The Lying game

Last appearance:

Hide and Seek (for now)
Madeline Vega is one of Sutton's best friends. Her father is abusive towards her and Thayer because their mom divorced him. When her brother Thayer returns to town, she's upset with Sutton(Emma) because he went to her.


Madeline is considered loyal, quiet and demure.

Physical Apperence

She has long,sleek black hair, and huge brown eyes. In book one, it is said she has a "ballerina figure" and is very angular. At the end of book one, when Emma tries to escape, it said she had golden skin.

The Lying Game

She is another one of Sutton's best friends,considered to be wealthy. She also seems to hide her secrets and her life at home a secret. In The Lying Game, her parents are considered strict and pushy. Her mother always wants Madeline to do ballet and nothing else. Her father is very strict, wanting what's best and that she should be a obedient, demure girl.

Never Have I Ever

She seems to be nice and also loyal. She is thought, by Emma, to be Sutton's killer. When Emma pressed her about August 31st, she didn't want to talk about it. Charlotte was with her that night, which means she had an alibi.

Her alibi was that she and Char were hanging out, but Emma still needs to figure out what happened. By the end of the book, Madeline explains her alibi for that night. Her father was physically abusing her and that is why she called Sutton that night, she needed her best friend to comfort her. That is what she talked to Charlotte about.

Two Truths and A Lie

Thayer returns to town. He breaks into Sutton's room and Madeline grows hatred/ anger with Emma. She thought that Sutton knew where Thayer was all along, but that is exactly what Emma thought of her. Charlotte is the only one on her side to help. By the middle of the book, Madeline is no longer angry at Emma.

Hide and Seek

Madeline helps pull the pranks on the devious four and becomes worried when Laurel tries to date Thayer. She is jealous of Thayer and wants to kill him but realizes what she was about to do and did't kill him.

Cross My Heart, Hope To Die

Seven Minutes in Heaven

The Lying Game (TV)