Mercer Family
Family Members
The Mercer Family is one of the main families on The Lying Game (TV series). It's a fairly wealthy family, with a large house, country club membership, and a cabin.


Family Members

  • Ted Mercer is Sutton's adoptive father and Laurel's biological father. He is a doctor at Phoenix Presbyterian Hospital, and has been keeping the secrets of his eldest daughter, Sutton's, adoption for years (with the help of best friend, Alec Rybak.
  • Kristin Mercer is Sutton's adoptive mother and Laurel's biological mother.
  • Sutton Mercer is the eldest, and adopted, daughter of the Mercer family. Frustrated with the lies and secrets whenever she asked about her birth, or adoption, Sutton resented her parents and was desperate to find her birth mother.
  • Laurel Mercer is the youngest, and biological, daughter of the Mercer family, born just ten months after older sister Sutton was adopted.
  • (Emma Becker) is Sutton's identical twin sister, that the Mercer family (except possibly Ted) doesn't even know exists. However, she's been living under their very noses as Sutton. While filling in for her sister, Emma has come to love the Mercers, and even to think of them as family. She hopes to find some way to stay in Scottsdale with her own identity, with the only family she's ever known, but fears their reaction if they learn she's been lying to them for so long.


  • Annie 'Rebecca' Sewell has been revealed as Sutton and Emma's biological mother. (Everyone in the Mercer family is aware of this except Kristin).

Family Tree

Kristin Mercer
Ted Mercer
Annie Rebecca Sewell
Laurel Mercer
Sutton Mercer
Emma Becker


  • The Mercer family has a birthday tradition of breakfast in bed, and making a 'bogus birthday wish'.
  • Even though Madeline Rybak isn't a family member she is currently staying there.


In the books, the Mercer family follows an extremely different dynamic. Also, family members would include Becky Mercer and Grandma Mercer.



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