Mercer House
Number 5415 Scottsdale, AZ

The Mercer House is a home in Scottsdale, Arizona that is home to the Mercer Family- recently excepting Ted Mercer, who's been staying at the club- and also, temporarily to Mads Rybak.  Ethan Whitehorse is currently living at the Mercer house.


  • The Mercer House is number 5414. The street is unknown.
  • Several important events have taken place at the Mercer House:
    • Sutton's laptop was stolen.
    • Emma discovered a photo of the mysterious Annie with Alec and Ted.
    • Travis discovered Emma's secret and broke in to the house.


  • Emma Becker's first view of the Mercer House.
  • Sutton's bedroom.
  • Emma Becker's first encounter with Sutton's family (as Sutton).
  • Sutton's bedroom.
  • Sutton's closet.
  • Sutton's bedroom.
  • Sutton's bedroom.
  • Sutton's bedroom.
  • Emma's first time in the Mercer House.

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