Range Creek Motel
Scottsdale, AZ
You know this ain't the Four Seasons, right?
— Motel Clerk to Thayer in (Pleased to Meet Me)

Range Creek Motel is where Annie Hobbs brought Sutton Mercer to recover after pulling the teenager out of the lake, where her car had gone into the water. Annie cared for Sutton and nursed her back to health for a few days, though any indication that Sutton wanted to leave would send her into a tailspin. Sutton finally sneaked out of the hotel when Annie fell asleep on night- when she returned later, with Ethan and Thayer in tow, Annie was gone and the room completely empty, as though no one had been there. The motel clerk didn't recall seeing an older woman, only Sutton, so the boys were quick to distrust Sutton's story. Later, however, Thayer discovered the security cameras of the diner next door showed the motel parking lot- and contained definite proof that Annie had brought Sutton to the motel.

After being forced to leave the cabin, Emma goes to stay at the motel and learns from the motel clerk, who mistakes Emma for Sutton, that Sutton had paid him to lie to Thayer about being alone in the motel after her car went into the lake, and that Sutton had actually been with two other women. (The motel clerk later draws a sketch of the two women, depicting both Annie Hobbs and Annie 'Rebecca' Sewell to 'jog her memory', but Sutton intercepts the sketches before Emma ever sees them.)


  • Sutton and Annie stayed in Room 134.


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