Ruth Peterson
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Series Information


Not the twins' biological mom. (exposed)

Paid heftily to sign name on twins' birth certificate. (exposed)



First appearance:

Double Dibs

Portrayed By:

Julia Rose

Ruth Peterson was thought to be Sutton and Emma's birth mother.


For years, Sutton was told by Ted and Kristin Mercer that her birth mother, Ruth, had been a troubled young woman and had passed away. Sutton, however, pursued her own answers, and after discovering a long-lost identical twin sister, knew there was more to her adoption than anyone was admitting. Emma filled in for Sutton in Scottsdale, freeing Sutton to go to Los Angeles and find Ruth Peterson, their birth mother. With Thayer's help, they found her profile online and sent her a message asking her to meet- shortly after, the profile was deleted. Thayer was able to find a cached version of her friends list, and by cross-referencing her friends list, discovered she worked at a local library.

When the pair arrived at the library and approached Ruth, Ruth tried to make a run for it. Ultimately, when she couldn't escape Thayer and Sutton's pursuit, she admitted to them that she has no children of her own- she was simply paid a great deal of money to sign her name on the twins' birth certificates and adoption papers. Ruth had no knowledge of the baby broker, or of the twins' true mother, but they did learn from her that the girls each had homes picked out for them- the Mercers in Phoenix for Sutton, and the Websters in Beverly Hills for Emma, and was shocked to discover Emma had ended up in foster care in Nevada.


  • Kristin Mercer still believes Ruth Peterson is truly Sutton's biological mother, and even offered to help find her.

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