Rybak Family

The Rybak Family is a main family on The Lying Game (TV series). It's a fairly wealthy family, with a large house, country club membership, and very nice cars.


Family Members

  • Alec Rybak is stern and has a strict idea of what he wants for his children. This attitude has led to a tenuous relationship with his children- there are times they seem to be close and to get along, as well as times where all parties are suspicious, angry, or frustrated. It doesn't help that Alec, along with his best friend, Ted Mercer, has secrets he's been keeping for nearly twenty years that are started to unravel.
  • Thayer Rybak is Alec's eldest child- though not biologically. Thayer chose to remain with Alec, the only father he'd ever known, when his mother, Caroline, left. However, he feels that Alec has always resented him as a reminder of losing his wife. On top of that, Alec's strict ideas of how Thayer's future should turn out widened the rift between them.
  • Madeline Rybak or 'Mads' is Alec's only biological child. She and her brother have always been very close, often united against their father in their childhood. However, recent events have torn the entire family apart from one another, leading Mads to mistrust both her father and brother.


  • Caroline Rybak: Alec's high school sweetheart and ex-wife, Caroline is the mother of both of Alec's children, Thayer and Mads.
    • Caroline left Thayer's biological father, Graham, when Thayer was just a baby. Then, Graham came back into the Rybak family's lives when Thayer was 12- and this time, Caroline decided to leave Alec for Graham. Thayer was given a choice and chose to remain with his sister, Mads, and Alec, the only father he'd ever known. It is unclear whether Alec legally adopted Thayer or not, but it is likely since they share a last name.
  • Annie 'Rebecca' Sewell 's recent marriage to Alec makes her Thayer and Mads' stepmother.
    • This marriage would extend their relations to Rebecca's sister, Phyllis Chamberlin, a step-aunt, and Phyliss' daughter, Charlotte Chamberlin, who would be a step-cousin. In addition, this would make Annie's biological daughters, Emma and Sutton, step-sisters to Mads and Thayer.

Family Tree

Mr. Sewell
Mrs. Sewell
Caroline Rybak
Alec Rybak
Annie Rebecca Sewell
Phyllis Chamberlin
Thayer Rybak
Madeline Rybak
Sutton Mercer
Emma Becker
Charlotte Chamberlin


  • The Rybak family has been completely split up due to recent events- Alec in prison, Mads at the Mercer House, and Thayer returning to LA. Even Rebecca is still staying at her sister, Phyllis' house.


In the books, the counterpart to the Rybak family is the Vega family, which is quite different.


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