Ryback House
* Alec Rybak formerly
Scottsdale, AZ

The Rybak House is a home in Scottsdale, Arizona that was home to the Rybak Family. The house began to see a lot of empty days with Alec in prison, Thayer returning to Los Angeles, Mads staying at the Mercer House, and Rebecca staying at her sister's. After Alec's release, he and Mads both chose to move in with Rebecca in the Chamberlin House rather than return home, while Thayer opted to take a room at the Club. (It is unclear at this point if the Rybak Family still owns the house, or if they have sold it.)


  • Several important events have taken place at the Rybak House:
    • Eduardo overheard Alec's phone call with Dr. Hughes.
    • Sutton and Thayer found Annie's locket.
    • Both the murder weapon that killed Derek Rogers, and a cell phone that placed the call to Jessica Whitman  (who stashed the murder weapon) were found in the Rybak house.


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