Sewell Family
Family Members

The Sewell Family is not a prominent family on The Lying Game (TV series), however it does seem to be at the center of most of the connections between the families of the show.


Family Members

  • Phyllis Chamberlin is the older daughter of the Sewell family. She harbors a great deal of anger toward both Ted and Alec for the way they treated her sister, Annie, as well as at Annie ("Rebecca"), whom she has not spoken to in years.
  • Charlotte Chamberlin invites Annie, now 'Rebecca', back into their lives when she begins a relationship with her aunt after speaking to her on the phone.
  • Annie Rebecca Sewell, the younger daughter of the Sewell family, left Scottsdale when she graduated high school and did not return for twenty years.
  • Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker are not known to be descendants of the Sewell family (except by Rebecca, Sutton, and perhaps Alec and Ted), despite being Rebecca's biological children. As an infant, Sutton was adopted by the Mercer Family and Emma ended up in the Nevada foster care system.


Family Tree

Mr. Sewell
Mrs. Sewell
Alec Rybak
Annie Rebecca Sewell
Phyllis Chamberlin
Charlotte Chamberlin's Father
Thayer Rybak
Madeline Rybak
Sutton Mercer
Emma Becker
Charlotte Chamberlin



  • In the books, there is no equivalent to the Sewell family.

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