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Sutton Mercer
General Information





Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:







Sutton's appearence is described as sexy and seductive. She takes what she gets and makes it fashonable for her to wear in public. Sutton's style is fashionable and seductive at the same time. Sutton's style determines where she is. Examples are when she was in L.A. with Thayer, she dressed casual, when she was in Vegas as Emma she dressed a little bit more fashionable, and when she returned home she dressed how she used to. When she fled to Ethan's family ranch with him, she dressed more country, when she came back home she dressed as she did before.

Season One

Season Two


Sutton has shoulder length, dark brown hair that usually is in curls, frizzy curls, or is straightened. Sutton only straightens her hair to impersonate Emma so people who know her identity can think she's her.

Sutton keeps her hair either straight or curly, but since Emma came into her life she mostly keeps it curled.

Season One

Season Two

Make up

Sutton has dark brown eyes, She doesn't wear a lot of eyeliner.

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