The relationship between Sutton Mercer and Ethan Whitehorse has been complicated due to the fact that Ethan now dated Sutton's twin sister Emma Becker and they used to date and that he cheated on them with eachother.

Season One

Ethan and Sutton started dating sometime a year ago, they first met when Sutton got a flat tire, and when Ethan insisted to help she refused. Once Ethan managed to help, he took her to a spot to look at the full moon clearly. They fell for each other and started to secretly date. Until Emma came and caused Ethan to fall for Emma and break up with Sutton.They broke up beacuse Ethan realised that Sutton was never going to go public about them.As Emma and Ethan grow closer together, Sutton becomes jealous. In revenge for Ethan breaking up with her she sleeps with Thayer. 

When Sutton finally returns to Phoenix she goes to her home and has a video chat with Ethan. Ethan ,thinking he's talking to Emma, professes his love for her. Sutton take advantage of this and plans to meet Ethan at the cabin. She leaves a message for on the computer for Emma, from Ethan telling her go to the cabin. At the cabin Suttton, who acting as Emma, makesout with Ethan. Emmas walking in as see this. Sutton & Emma argue about thier lives. Sutton storms out the room. Ethan and Emma argue about how Emma wants to leave Phoenix. Ethan goes to Sutton birthdat party expecting to confromt her about what she has done, but she never shows. Sutton is seen driving  into a lake. Ethan and Emma confess thier love.

The Mercers car goes missing and Ethan suspect Sutton has taken it but they can't find her anywhere. When the car is retrieved from the lake the blame falls on Emma and Ethan, but mostly Ethan. Later in the eveing Emma, Ethan and Thayer meet up.A present arrives for Emma. Thayer convinces her to open it. They find a piece of Suttons dress in it and a note saying for Emma to keep being Sutton or she's next.

Season Two

After Ethan and Emma break up, Sutton manipulates both of them so she can get back with Ethan. After Jordan's party Ethan gets drunk and sleeps with Sutton.



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