Thayer's Apartment
The Lying Game S01E03 mkv2867
* Thayer Rybak
Apt. 214
Los Angeles, CA

Thayer's Apartment is located in Los Angeles, California, and is home to Thayer Rybak after he leaves Scottsdale, Arizona to pursue his dream of creating his own app (and to escape his father, Alec Rybak's plans for him).

Both Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker stay at the apartment on a temporary basis- Sutton, for a few months while searching for her birth mother, and Emma for a short while after being forced to flee from the cabin in Scottsdale and having nowhere else to go.


  • Thayer's apartment is number 214. (Double Dibs)
  • Several important events have taken place at the Thayer's apartment:
    • Thayer and Sutton found and made contact with Ruth Peterson.
    • Mr. Webster provided Thayer and Sutton with a photo of Annie Hobbs and an infant Emma.
    • Alec Rybak spied on Thayer and Sutton's activities.
    • Sutton and Thayer slept together after Sutton discovered her boyfriend, Ethan and twin sister, Emma, had kissed at Homecoming.


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