The Cabin
Scottsdale, AZ
The Cabin is the Mercer family's cabin.

Season One

The cabin is first mentioned by Sutton telling Emma where to meet after a few days. This is where Ethan and Emma officially met and is where Emma, Sutton and the rest of the group go.

Season Two

Sutton stays at the cabin and while she's there tries to lure Ethan there, after finally doing so and having sex with him, Ethan wishes it didn't happen. Rebecca tells Sutton to take her life back and after winning a tennis match against Emma by her forfeiting, Emma now has to stay at the cabin. 

Alec and Rebecca take a honey moon at the Cabin where Emma and Ethan are almost caught studying there.  While there Alec uses body language and cryptic wording to tell Rebecca that he knows she is behind framing him, but she doesn't realize this.

In "The Grave Truth" Jordan, Mads, Sutton, Emma, Ethan, and Laurel have a meeting to establish a plan to prove Rebecca kid napped Theresa.  Jordan also reveals his knowledge about knowing about the twins to everyone;  Mads already knew though.  He also reveals his knowledge about the box that Rebecca hid in the locked cabinet.  Later that night Sutton and Laurel are at the Cabin and a call is made from Theresa's cell phone to Sutton where Sutton hears breathing on the other line.

In the finale, this is the location in which Sutton, Emma, and Laurel meet to discuss what was seen on the news earlier that day in regards to Theresa's death.  This is also the location in which Sutton and Emma change places, possibly for the last time.


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