The First Lie
Author Sara Shepard
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication Date 12/18/12
Series Guide
True Lies
The First Lie is the first prequel book explaining Sutton's secret relationship with Thayer.

Taking place before Sutton's death, it is summer and the girls are planning their big Back to School prank. While they are flipping through magazines and sipping smoothies at Sutton's country club, a tall, handsome boy walks towards them. Sutton is immediately attracted to him. However, Madeline, one of Sutton's best friends, reveals that this young man is Thayer. Sutton can't believe her eyes. How could Mads' dorky, scrawny brother transform into built, and confident? Sutton realizes there is no way she could be attracted to him, no way.

With Thayer's new look, also came a new attitude. Madeline doesn't like this and it is proposed that their prank should be on Thayer. Sutton is hesitant at first, but agrees. Throughout the novella, Thayer and Sutton show signs of chemistry. They even almost kiss, but are broken apart when Laurel catches them.

Eventually, the two share their true feelings for each other but decided to keep it a secret from their friends and family. This is Sutton's first lie.

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