Theresa Lopez
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Dan Whitehorse (Fiancé)


Dan Whitehorse
Ethan Whitehorse
Emma Becker (Thinks she's Sutton)
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She knows about the twins.



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Not Guilty As Charged

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The Grave Truth

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Yara Martinez
Theresa Lopez was Dan's fiance and an attorney. Dan turns to her to defend Ethan when he is put on trial for the murder of Derek. She wins Ethan's case due to not enough evidence to prove he is the murderer. She and Dan knew each other from school and dated.

While engaged to Dan, Theresa was about to marry into the Whitehorse Family.

Season One

Dan calls Theresa for help in Ethan's case. Theresa agrees and gets Ethan free since there's no murder weapon.

She begins to date Dan.

Season Two

Theresa tells Ethan not to give up on "Sutton" (actually Emma), and decides to be Alec's attorney. After discovering a woman named Jessica Whitman planted the weapon in Alec's bag, Dan and Theresa try to discover who paid her to plant it. After discovering someone did indeed frame Alec, he has to be released which is what Theresa had to do. Dan proposes to Theresa and she says yes. They have an engagement party and are set to be married. After Nancy tells Theresa someone's been leaving flowers at Derek's grave every night, Theresa thinks it might be the killer's guilt. After her rehearsal dinner, Theresa goes to the graveyard to watch who leaves the flowers, but Sutton calls and tells her she has information she'd like to hear. After seeing someone run off, Theresa finds flowers at Derek's grave, she turns to see someone and yells "You!?" and her fate is unknown. When Theresa doesn't show for the wedding, Dan and Ethan go to her home and finds her ring on the counter. Dan is convinced that Theresa was threatened for digging deeper into Derek's murder. In the Grave Truth, it's revealed it was Ted that Theresa saw at Derek's grave. He explained to Theresa why he left the flowers and left after that. After missing for two days, Sutton receives a phone call from Theresa's phone and all she can hear is someone breathing at the other end. When the police trace it, Theresa's body is discovered floating in the pool at the club.