Whitehorse Family

The Whitehorse Family is a main family on The Lying Game (TV series). It's a fairly disjointed family, with only two of it's members- Dan and Ethan- on good terms.


Family Members

  • Ben Whitehorse is a solemn man of few words. His wife's leaving left him devastated, and he may have taken that out on his sons. Ethan's penchant for finding himself in trouble frustrates Ben, who is a stern man, and he wants no part of any kind of trouble. However, though he seems tough, and as though he wants nothing to do with his sons, he is true to them, even deterring the tribal police when they come to the ranch looking for Ethan on a murder charge.
  • Dan Whitehorse seems to have had a rocky relationship with his father, as neither of the Whitehorse boys had any communication with their father for four years, until Ethan showed up at the ranch to hide out. He and Ethan live together in Scottsdale, AZ, and Dan has taken on the responsibility of being Ethan's legal guardian.
  • Ethan Whitehorse, in particular, always felt that his father thought he was responsible for his mother's leaving, and struggled in his relationship with his father. He and Dan, though their relationship can be rocky at times, do genuinely care about another and look after each other.


  • Ethan's Mother is both Dan and Ethan's mother. She left the family when Ethan was thirteen years old, and in a juvenile facility for hot-wiring a car. Ethan believes his father always blamed him for his mother leaving.
  • Theresa Lopez dated Dan when the two were at the police academy together. Theresa went on to school to become a lawyer, and Dan became an officer and it was seven years before they saw each other again. Now, Theresa and Dan are engaged.

Family Tree

Ben Whitehorse
Ethan's Mother
Dan Whitehorse
Ethan Whitehorse


  • Ben and his two sons, Ethan and Dan, had no contact with one another for four years- not even phone calls or Christmas cards. (Ben indicates he kicked them out.) (Reservation for Two)
  • Ben saved his wife's clothes for at least four years, even getting upset with Sutton when he saw her wearing them.
  • Ethan has made reference to a grandfather that used to take him out to a lake called Canandaigua when things with his father got really bad. (It is unclear if this is a paternal or maternal grandfather.) (Black and White and Green All Over)


In the books, the counterpart to the show's Whitehorse Family, is the Landry family, which has a very different dynamic.


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