You do realize I live in a trailer...surrounded by rusty motorcycles and car parts?
Whitehorse Trailer
Scottsdale, AZ

The Whitehorse Trailer is a home in Scottsdale, Arizona that is home to brothers Dan and Ethan Whitehorse.


  • Several important events have taken place at the Mercer House:
    • Dan discovered Sutton's laptop in Ethan's jeep.
    • Both Sutton and Emma have hidden out at the trailer.
    • Thayer presented Ethan, Emma and Sutton with video proof that Annie Hobbs had saved Sutton and brought her to the Range Creek Motel.
    • Dan, Theresa, Thayer, Emma (as Sutton), and Mads collaborated over Ethan's trial.
    • Dan kicks Ethan out of the trailor (but that later changes when Ethan has a change of heart).
    • After loosing Theresa, Dan burns a pile of picnic tables here.


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